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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. – Winston Churchill

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How many times has Netflix asked you if you’re still watching that show you’ve been marathon-ing? You know the one I’m talking about. Many of us have completed a television or movie marathon because we just couldn’t put it off, and many of us have completed the marathon because we just …didn’t turn it off.

Since I mastered the use of my opposable thumbs, I’ve loved video games. It started in a hotel room on vacation in 1992, where rain foiled my family’s plans for the day. My mother used a very rudimentary on-demand hospitality screen on the hotel TV to rent The Legend of Zelda, flipped the television remote control horizontally, and a passion that would lead to my career in social media was born.

But then you get older, and adult-ing takes its toll on your hobbies above all else. Increasingly, I cherish those few hours I can steal away to play a game or read a book and more than anything else, it has made me selective.

Right now, I’m reading two books and playing two video games. Some of you might say therein lies the problem – I’m already spreading myself too thin with my free time, but different moods beget different ways to occupy one’s time.

I’m not motivated to finish any of them.

I find myself checking the page numbers far more than I do with other books. I mentally calculate just how far I am through a game as a means of motivating myself but it’s not supposed to be like this. It never used to…

And so I’m removing the bookmarks, I’m selling these games. I’m selecting “No” on the Netflix prompt.

Part of truly cherishing the little free time we have as we get older, is to be honest enough with ourselves when something that we thought would make us happy, doesn’t make us happy.

We were always taught to cherish succeeding, not failing. That’s wrong. You should appreciate your failures too (and aim to fail quickly, and fail cheaply).

Similarly, we are told to never quit. Every day, I’m finding that too is wrong. Put down those things you don’t love. Choose something else that will make you happy. Why? There simply isn’t enough time.



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