Big News and Winter is Coming. Are Coming. Big News.

Big News

Firstly, I want to apologize for the large gap between posts as of late. I’ve got some hot-of-the-press news coming tomorrow and with it, there are some new places you can follow my work. That’s if you still like this type of smut.

LinkedIn – recently received access to publish on the platform (I promise, no more than 2 a month, I know you can’t turn the notifications off) and I’ll push content a lot like 5 Questions to Avoid Social Media Managers there. I’ll be writing social-media centric content on the site from now on. Everything else, especially personal updates, will still come through

Fantasy Sports Locker Room – I’ve agreed to contribute content to the Locker Room. I’ll be writing about sports, specifically fantasy football and producing more pieces like my argument as to why Doug Martin Can Shoulder the Load. The title is misleadingly clever. All sports updates will come through this website for the foreseeable future, ramping up in August.

For anyone following my ACL updates – I went for my first run! Ran a solid mile, albeit with a limp better suited for the set of House M.D. Followed that up with a 1.25 mile run the very next day and then a world of satisfying soreness.

Finally, I have big news. That’s about as much as I’m in a position to say for now so this post was more of a shameless plug for the two above outlets, but what I can say is there will be a lot of new and exciting topics coming very soon. Excited to share.


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