“A man growing old becomes a child again” – Sophocles   What I often see around bloggers’ birthdays, are articles entitled “number of things I’ve learned by number of years I’ve been alive”. For the most part, if I read your blog, I read them. They can be very hit or miss. I think a […]

When You Were Young 1

They say the devil’s water – it ain’t so sweet You don’t have to drink right now But you can dip your feet Every once in a little while – The Killers If you’re looking for the personal update, it’s at the bottom of this post. One of my favourite things to do is connect […]

adam rodricks mentor

Fight or Flight: Job Seeking for the Faint of Heart

  “If you are going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill   I’ll often critique digital marketing resumes for new graduates or professionals looking to break into the industry. I do it 100% of the time I’m asked because I so deeply wished someone would have helped me when I was starting out but […]

The Most Unused Feature on Social Media

“Do you want to know why I don’t use Twitter?” “I don’t have time to read hundreds and hundreds of tweets.” — Stop right there. When was it stated that to use social media effectively you had to consume every bit of it? Let’s take a second to think about this – literally one second. […]