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Press home to unlock. How many articles are there online about the social media addiction? If you’re one of the people they’re written about, you’ve probably spent enough time browsing to actually field a good guess. GuyYouMetAtTheBarButDidntGiveYourNameTo liked a photo you’re tagged in. Even as I type this, I can see my phone flashing out of the […]


“A man growing old becomes a child again” – Sophocles   What I often see around bloggers’ birthdays, are articles entitled “number of things I’ve learned by number of years I’ve been alive”. For the most part, if I read your blog, I read them. They can be very hit or miss. I think a […]

When You Were Young

They say the devil’s water – it ain’t so sweet You don’t have to drink right now But you can dip your feet Every once in a little while – The Killers If you’re looking for the personal update, it’s at the bottom of this post. One of my favourite things to do is connect […]

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Fight or Flight: Job Seeking for the Faint of Heart

  “If you are going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill   I’ll often critique digital marketing resumes for new graduates or professionals looking to break into the industry. I do it 100% of the time I’m asked because I so deeply wished someone would have helped me when I was starting out but […]

Communicate Through Conflict: Do You Do This?

   When angry, count four. When very angry, swear. – Mark Twain I missed my train on Thursday evening of this week. The long wait allowed me to people watch. I saw a couple fight bitterly for several minutes as they walked through the Union Station concourse, a few steps ahead of me. The man […]

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