Brand Win: Jewlr Delivers Exceptional Customer Service

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Disclaimer: This post was NOT solicited, requested and I received no compensation from Jewlr or any of its partners.

If you need custom jewellery, there are plenty of places to go. Increasingly, you’ll find online retailers subscribing to the Burger King motto (Have it your way) to combat the extensive range of choice that we as consumers are privy to. It’s becoming a necessary way to do online business.

But, what I’ve found is that there is a big difference between offering a service or feature and executing it well.

Enter Jewlr, personalized jewellery retailer. Though they are the shining example in this blog post, here are the top 5 reasons I shopped, reviewed, blogged, raved and will continue to recommend to friends:

1) Realistic & Managed Expectations

They clearly marked which of their products could be manufactured and shipped to arrive by Valentine’s Day. The single easiest way to earn a positive review from me and many online shoppers is to deliver on the promises you make. No hidden fees, no late deliveries, and having a product that lives up to the description on your web page (which yes, I do read, bookmark and refer back to if I think there’s a discrepancy). Even though I chose a custom product that was not due to be delivered by Valentine’s Day, they managed to manufacture it, ship it and have it delivered in a mere 4 days. That is exemplary.

2) Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Customer Experience

If your website is a pain to navigate, or my choices don’t populate the visual in real time, or a slew of shipping fees descend upon me at the last stage of the order like last call at a buffet, I’m never coming back. Jewlr has a simple lay out, beautiful customization/comparison screens, and no nasty surprises during the check out process.

jewlr confirmation

What a Confirmation Email Should Look Like

3) The Anatomy of the Confirmation Email

You’d be surprised how many online businesses don’t even confirm orders and send receipts in a timely fashion (see: immediately). Are you kidding me? In addition to promptly sending the correspondence, I look for things like clear shipment details confirming what I’m being sent, when it has left the warehouse and where I can track its progress, the price I’ve paid and customer service contact information. Showing me that you are there to support your product even after you have my money is a great way to show confidence in your ability to stand behind your product.

4) Package Perfect

here is the picture my girlfriend uploaded to her Instagram to give you an idea. I was with her when she unboxed (it’s still unboxing even if it isn’t tech, right?) and we were both blown away. Frankly, they made me look good. Every custom feature was detailed and beautifully displayed, my products were packaged with care and the look and feel of the box was of premium quality. All this to say, you never know when you order from an online retailer if you’ll be shipped something in an unbranded cellophane bag, or something more professional. Having Jewlr go the extra distance made me look good and made her feel appreciated.


Jewlr Ships Impressive Package

5) Product, All I Ever Wanted

Last but certianly not least, is the quality of the product you receive. How many times have you bought headphones online only to have the microphone work poorly or not at all? I hold grudges, loudly. When there is as much choice in the online marketplace as we currently enjoy, it means that at the outset of my purchasing decision, I could have what I wanted and probably from a variety of businesses. I chose to transact with you and if you don’t come through on the product you sold me on, two things are certain: 1) I’ll be irritated, enough to never do business with you again and 2) I’ll be vocal about it.

Never forget that a personal recommendation or endorsement will always travel in personal networks exponentially further than any brand-bought placement. The positive or negative review will live long after purchases are complete.



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