Despite the Best of Intentions

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“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon


A monthly wrap-up of sorts, take what you need. Speaking of which…


The ‘Take What You Need’ Series

Despite my best of intentions to publish weekly editions of Take What You Need, other priorities have kept me from regular updates. I hope you stay with me as I dive into the series for millennials. It may end up taking the form of a podcast instead of weekly blog posts. If you feel strongly about it either way, tweet me @adamrodricks.


Fail Often

Recently, I had coffee with a good friend of mine who was boasting about how few follies he’s had in the past year. To me, this was an utter shame. Being young is all about being adventurous and pushing your boundaries. If you’re doing it right, you’ve got to do it wrong a few times too. This will undoubtedly be the subject of a full-blown post either here or on LinkedIn, but for now I just wanted to let you all know I’ll be taking a good look at failure and offering some personal anecdotes (to the internet in all their glory, where I can never get them back).


The Re-emergence of iOS

You can once again look for my iOS reviews as I re-joined the Apple club (for work purposes). I’m still using an Android Galaxy for personal use, but wanted to announce that I’ll be assuming my old position with the Coolest Apps review team starting this Summer, so look out for the must-haves round up as usual. If you have an iPad or iPhone app you’d like me to review, please let me know. Happy to be back.


Bloggers Needed

I mentioned I was extremely busy which prevented me from publishing newer updates of the Take What You Need series, but I come bearing gifts!

Calling all bloggers: if you’re interested in being involved in any of the following projects, please contact me through my website:

  • Twitter parties discussing travel, finance or organic food (Summer 2015)
  • Content calendars on big data, information technology, mobile and social tools (Summer, Fall 2015)
  • Blog posts on big data, information technology, mobile and social tools (Summer 2015)


Looking forward to writing more regularly in the summer months. As always, thanks for reading.



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