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3D Printing in Practice with Afinia – April 2015,

#BeTheChange: Me to We Partners with Acco and Staples Brands – June 2014,


Social Media

Being Succinct on SocialFebruary 2016,

5 Reasons to Attend the Digital Media Summit – April 2015,

The Link Between Instagram and ROI – November 2014,

Blogger Outreach – UnMarketing UnPodcast Episode #14 Mention – (1:16 onward) December 2013,

Take a Load Off, Scott & Alison – December 2013,

What You Didn’t Know About Online Shoppers – August 2013, Digital Journal

How to Make Generation Y Listen – July 2013,



5 Simple Ways Ben Affleck Can Find Success as Batman – October 2013, WhatCulture


Video Games

The Invisible Wall – An Author’s Response – February 2012,

The Next Level – The Last Level – February 2012,

The Trading Floor – A Rare Rant in Skyrim – January 2012,

Wii U Coming to CES in January – December 2011,

November 15: The Most Crowded Day in Gaming – November 2011,

Ask A-Rod: What does an Xbox Blu ray peripheral mean for the PS3? – September 2011,

Micro-softing out: Blu Ray Coming to Xbox 360? – September 2011,

Hit & Miss: The Value of Collector’s Edition – August 2011,



The Promised Land: Fantasy Football Playoff Strategy – November 2014, Fantasy Sports Locker Room

Parting Ways: 3 Reasons to Drop Doug Martin – October 2014, Fantasy Sports Locker Room

Fantasy Football Etiquette: 7 Unwritten Rules – October 2014, Fantasy Sports Locker Room

How to Harness Thursday Night Football’s Fantasy Impact to Win Your WeekOctober 2014, Fantasy Sports Locker Room

Not my Forte: The outlook on Chicago’s lead running rack – September 2014, Fantasy Sports Locker Room

The Kevin Ogletree Effect: All Aboard the Hype Train – September 2014Fantasy Sports Locker Room

Cody Latimer: Answer to the Wes Welker Headache? – September 2014, Fantasy Sports Locker Room

In the Shadows: RB Handcuffs to Watch – August 2014, Fantasy Sports Locker Room

Muscle Hamster: Can Doug Martin Shoulder the Load? – June 2014, Fantasy Sports Locker Room



Diversity Our Strength – Spotlight on Toronto, CanadaJanuary 2015,

The Top Things to Do in Toronto this Civic Holiday Weekend – August 2015,

adam rodricks how he asked


How I Asked – Danielle & Adam – January 2016,

How I Asked – Danielle & Adam – January 2016,