How Not To Hashtag: #CityGrammys

2014 grammys fail city tv

The sum of star power from City’s red carpet special.

If, like me, you’ve just been subjected to the train wreck of a red carpet that was the CityTV Grammys pre-show, you were left with a bad taste in your mouth.

But, they didn’t just offend and make us squirm with awkward interviews and poorly timed handshakes, they also tried to hi-jack the online Grammy conversation, and then boasted about it.

Constantly throughout the pre-show, they reminded fans to join the discussion online with #CityGrammys, when all over the actual event collateral you can see that #GRAMMYs is the official tag.

#1 You are never going to steal SOT (share of tweets) from an international award show by pepping your special with messages that contradict what fans are seeing on screen.

#2 Giving us lame polls like “who will be the best dressed” doesn’t match your programming agenda when you preview less than a handful of stars as they arrive. Even if we did weigh in to your poll, we’d have no way to know if we were right or wrong – at least not from watching your show.

#3 There are so many bigger, better productions doing it right. You don’t try to hijack the Grammy convo, you try to own the red carpet chatter. E! for example used the fantastic tag #Eredcarpet to focus the conversation on arrivals and fashion prior to the event.

Folks at CityTV, step one is to take note of how awful your production was this year and fix the problems on-screen. Step two, implement a similar fix online by completely overhauling your social media strategy.


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