Is January the new Black Friday?

CES Showfloor 2014

I recently came across this article on Investopedia which rang true.

One of the most steeply discounted categories during Black Friday and/or Boxing Day is electronics, but few consumers pause to question “what happens to the leftovers?”.

Black Friday and Boxing Day don’t only mark the end of the regular retail year, they mark the end of many consumer electronics lifecycles. You may ask why the product life would coincide with the calendar year and the answer is three, simple letters: CES.

For anyone who doesn’t know, CES or the Consumer Electronic Show is the largest tech showcase in the world and it takes place every January in Las Vegas. It’s a time for some of the world’s largest tech brands to debut their newest technology, thereby making those goodies you bought a month before sooo 2013.

What’s particularly interesting about this is how tapped in retailers are to the show. Having attended last year, I noticed many representatives from big box retailers and vendors. No doubt, they’re doing their research from the show floor and reporting back about what’s coming from competitors.

All of this would point to the impending downfall for your current generation electronics. But does that mean they’re rendered useless? No. Just steeply discounted come mid-to-end of January.

Keep that in mind when you get the itch for your next tablet or laptop.

So those fantastic sale prices you enjoyed in late November/December – keep an eye out this week to see if they quietly reappear in-store and online.


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