No Smoke and Mirrors: Vapman Review + Exclusive Coupon Code

vapman pure

The Thinnest Air

Are you a vaporizer?

I’m not asking if you’re a device that forgoes the combustion process by activating only the desired elements, thereby eliminating unwanted toxic parts of your blend from being inhaled. Are you a person who vaporizes?

If so, then my review of the week will definitely interest you. If not, you’ve just got a free lesson on the laws of thermodynamics. You’re welcome.

Introducing the Vapman Vaporizer

In terms of excellence, Switzerland has produced everything from decorated physicists in Albert Einstein to decorated wrists with Rolex watches. But, their superior craftsmanship goes far beyond wrist-watches with the product in today’s review: the Vapman Vaporizer.

It’s a compact, oddly-shaped apparatus that looks more like a medieval juice box than a phyto-inhalation device. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in design and effectiveness. Before delving into that however, here’s how it works.

Botanicals are placed within the unit and the active ingredients are thereby vaporized and inhaled. But why would you use a device like this when you could simply smoke? The answer is in your lungs. Phyto-inhalation produces no smoke, meaning that the vapours do not contain any contaminants, just the active ingredients. In addition to being a much lighter process on the lungs and airways, it’s also incredibly efficient (see: cheaper) – phyto-inhalation only uses a third of the amount of botanical to produce the equivalent effect of smoking.

Still not sold? Read on for my full review and an exclusive offer from to readers and listeners.

The Process

vapman pure


Admittedly, the hardest part of this process was getting the egg-shell carrying case open. The actual vaporizing process couldn’t be simpler. You remove the middle section by turning it anti-clockwise. You insert the metal funnel to catch any excess botanical that could fall around the device and burn. The key here is to not overfill the bowl, because you want the air to circulate. After filling, take the metal funnel out and fasten the middle piece on again.


zeus torch butane lighter

Zeus Torch Lighter – Butane lighters produce a completely different type of heat

When you hear about the ‘Vapman’, you hear about the ‘learning curve’. I go into further detail below, but what you really need to know is that heating is the hardest part to master. Wrap your finger around the handle ring and hold the flame jet from the butane lighter (note: you cannot and should not ever use a regular lighter for heating) about 15 mm from the bottom of the copper pan. In my experience, the suggested heating time of 2-3 seconds is too short, and you should hold it for closer to 5. Be careful not to heat it any longer or it’ll burn faster than a Jersey Shore cast member’s career post reality tv.

From here, you simply inhale long and deep. Once complete, its best to immediately unscrew the middle and empty the bowl (which should contain browned botanicals). Cleaning the filter of residue while it’s still warm is immensely easier than trying to do so after the fact.

Learning Curve


If there’s one pet peeve I have about most of the existing Vapman reviews out there, it’s that they make reference to a lengthy learning curve. The only people that a hefty timelines are applicable to are those entirely unfamiliar with vaporizing. Otherwise, this video should be more than enough to get you up and running within minutes. The first few times do come with an adjustment period to the oddly shaped device and producing the desired level of vapour, but once you get familiar with how quickly the device works, you’ll be up and vaping in no time.

If this has been a point of discouragement for you, I strongly suggest you check out a video to see just how easy it is to use.

Product Build

vapman pure

The Three Components to Vapman Pure

The perfect mix of wood, stainless steel and a high density plastic, the Vapman is a testament to Swiss craftsmanship. It’s a beautifully manufactured piece of equipment, with precision and polish throughout. It’s aesthetically pleasing and the level of detail in such a compact vape is downright commendable.

The Vapman is a beautifully compact and lightweight package, earning top marks in portability. Its unique design may perplex some (especially during use). If you elect to get the Pure version as opposed to the higher end Mica version, you’re going to have to deal with the wood blackening underneath, from where the flame comes in contact with the Vapman. It’s incredibly strong though and performance does not suffer even slightly.

One drawback of the product’s design is the size of the herb chamber. It’s extremely small which necessitates manageable bowl sizes and if you do over-pack, you’ll pay the price in messy overflow. Depending on what device you’re migrating from, the potential to over-zealously pack is a concern, especially when getting familiar with the Vapman.

The Vapman fits perfectly in between your index finger and thumb, and the grooves guide you, making you feel like this was the long-lost fixture missing from your hand.

vapman pure size

Vapman Pure: The ultimate in portability

What Kind of Stuff Can I Vaporize?

Basically, if you can’t ruin the plant by boiling, you can vaporize it. From the root all the way up to the blossom, there are different parts of different plants that can be used. Lots of people like to experiment with mixtures as well, but do so at your own discretion. Always consult an expert if you’re unsure.

Recommended Process

As with anything I review, your mileage might vary. In an effort to produce the best possible vapour, here are my learnings:

–          Dry the botanical and dice it finely to allow the active ingredients to get heat the quickest

–          If the texture becomes sand-like, then you got a little too grinder happy

–          For your own knowledge, the boiling point of plants is between 110⁰C and 230⁰C

–          Check your ingredients often to see if they’ve been used up

–          In terms of replacing your botanicals, remember my catchy limerick:

If the herb is brown, do not frown (it’s just used up). If it black, a new bowl you’ll pack (because you burnt it)


Of course, with any device that you value and view as an investment, you’ll want to keep it running in tip top shape for as long as possible. Maintenance is quick and easy, but the frequency of cleaning really depends on the kinds of herbs that you inhale. Just know from an operational standpoint, the air-holes in the middle structure and the air nozzles must not be obstructed. Your cleaning kit is as simple as a needle/toothpick and the occasional alcohol-rub down for the filter. Overall though, maintenance is quick, easy and infrequent.



Review Metric Score /10
Product Quality 9.5
Process & Maintenance 7.0
Vapor Quality 8.0
Portability 10.0
Ease of Use 5.0
Discreetness 9.5
Value for Money 8.5

Overall Score:  8.2/10 (Great Buy)

There are four main areas that the Vapman deserves top marks in: discreetness, portability, craftsmanship and value for money.

Discreetness – a pocket-sized vaporizer concealed in an egg-shaped shell. Need I say more? Even during use, the contours of the grip allow you to completely mask the unit in your hand. This would be a tier 1 vaporizer for those trying to be discreet.

Portability – Not only can you transport the entire vaporizer in the egg-shaped airtight case, there’s even a tiny bit of room for botanical if you’re a compression master. Once more, this is the height of vaporizing portability with the only variable being butane lighter fluid for extended journeys.

Craftsmanship – What’s clear from the outset before you even take one draw is the level of quality in the device. You may be able to find a more precise device, but you’d be hard-pressed to match this level of reliability, durability, and sturdiness at the pricepoint.

Value – The metric that I’m known most for …well…valuing, is also a strong point of the Vapman. ‘Value for money’, this is an excellent device for those looking to enter the vaporizer market, and it’s made better by the long-term savings derived from the efficiency of botanical use. Start-up costs are never fun to incur, but for the longevity and quality of the build, the Vapman is worth your hard-earned money. You can get started for $89.99 over at TorontoVaporizer, but keep in mind you’ll also need to get a butane lighter if you don’t have one already.

The biggest drawback would be the learning curve associated with its foreign design. As long as you’re willing to invest some time understanding the mechanics within the vaporizer, you’ll be 1-2 sessions away from producing the exact level of vapour you want, every time. Related to the learning curve, the Vapman is great for personal use but not suited to groups.

vapman pure burn

If you opt for the Vapman Pure, expect darkening of the wood underneath.

I wasn’t a fan of the darkened wood on the underside of my unit, but it’s to be expected. This is one of the benefits you can get from upgrading to a Vapman Mica, the higher end model. Mica is incredibly stable at these high temperatures and the mica coating insulates the wood from heat and reflects it back to the chamber. In my opinion though, if you’re willing to sacrifice aesthetics, it’s not necessary.

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