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How many articles are there online about the social media addiction? If you’re one of the people they’re written about, you’ve probably spent enough time browsing to actually field a good guess.

GuyYouMetAtTheBarButDidntGiveYourNameTo liked a photo you're tagged in.

Even as I type this, I can see my phone flashing out of the corner of my eye and I’m resisting the urge to check. I hide behind the excuse “it’s my job” and to be connected means to be doing it well, but we can chalk it up to something a lot more relatable for you: FOMO.

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That’s right – a fear of missing out. Because with every illuminated screen that teases you with who’s waiting, there is a conversation happening, a conversation we’re all missing out on.

Until we check.

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To an extent, that’s absolutely true – social media and the apps work on immediacy. What’s happening now? Where are you? Who are you with? These are the questions we answer day in, day out. We consume, we move on. And the next day, we do it again.

Voicemail: You have 1 new message(s) from BabyBoomerRelativeWhoShould'veTextedInstead.

How many of us use checking our phone as book-ends to our day? Is it the first thing you think about when you wake up: seeing a phone full of messages and pictures and videos and invites? And likes?

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It happened so gradually –

I don’t even remember when my phone became an extension of my hand, like a cigarette to a smoker.

And much like the need for deep inhalation of not-so-fresh air,

I get that rush,

MakingHerBFJealous commented on your photo: <3 <3

that high,

that temporary,


GenXWhoMeant2Send2AnotherAdam invited you to Scarborough Community Bingo's event.

euphoria that satisfies

DidntEvenReadTheNameBeforeClickingLike likes your post on his timeline: 'Happy Birthday'.

but for a second before you need it again.

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