Personal Update: Accomplishments, Consequence & Consciousness

Please note: This is the personal blog of Adam Rodricks; all views expressed here are my own and do not reflect those of my previous or current employer. thinking

I’ve always used this site as a channel for personal updates, so I wanted to share some big news. As of mid-March, I will be moving over to KPMG to manage their social media properties for the Canadian business. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, but as usual, these posts are meant to be retrospective so here goes.

Though my tenure at the Toronto Star was shorter than I would have liked, the toughest part of this decision was by far, agreeing to leave the incredible group who I’ve had the privilege to develop the digital strategy for and lead from a social media perspective. I’ve never worked on a team so lean, so talented in such a wide array of verticals, and with a work ethic like theirs. I’m confident each and every one of them will find success by staying the course; after all, there are many different roads that lead to success.

A couple of you were extremely vocal about your concerns with the path I was on. You felt this short ‘stint’ as it was put would be detrimental to my personal brand, that it made me look ‘flighty’. To anyone who feels this way, I appreciate your concern wholeheartedly. Everyone should be so blessed that they have people in their network who tell it like it is, especially when it may be awkward to do so. My response to the concerns you voiced is that our parent’s generation and the current landscape have many differences, and how we regard shorter tenure at companies is definitely one of them. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but when I feel stagnant, then I’ll take a good look at my brand and see where I can improve. For now though, having just joined a world-class organization with limitless opportunities for growth, it’s moot. writing

In telling my close circle of friends about my move, so many of you confided that they too were indeed looking, or unhappy at your places of work, and some were just doing the bare minimum to get by. That to me is a colossal travesty. The people who surround me are fantastic at what they do. To lose that passion should be the biggest red flag imaginable that you need to move on to your next great adventure, in my opinion.

A lot of this may seem easy for me to say in my position. I don’t have the same responsibilities, the same pressures, and I work in an industry where opportunities are abundant. I’m fortunate in that way. But what I’m talking about on a fundamental level is enjoying every day a little bit more. If it’s within your control, give it some thought, maybe a Saturday afternoon of research and planning, rather than going through the motions, or even worse, mailing it in. You owe it to yourself and if you don’t feel that way, then you owe it to me.

Thank you all for your continued support, for reading, FOR SHARING, and for being in my corner as I continue down the path to world dominaton happiness. You’re the reason I fell in love with this crazy industry, and why I’m not afraid of this next adventure.

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