I talked social media ROI in CPA Magazine this month


Had the opportunity to do an interview with CPA Magazine last month on the topic of social media ROI: not the type of publication that jumps to mind when you think “social media”. I was skeptical. There are no safe topics in social media. I wasn’t sure what aspect of social media a financial pub would have interest in, if at all, or if the entire piece was going to take a proverbial dump on social media for the lack of ties to ROI (you’ll read, I tried to get ahead of that notion from the start).

I was so pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful questions they asked. The article touches on some of the most infamous fails on social media in the last few years, before taking a deeper dive into the importance of knowing your audience, how to invest strategically in social, and then tying it back to ROI (but of course, these are accountants after all).

Read the article here:



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