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So you’re in need of a review blogger for your influencer campaign and you don’t know where to begin. More and more companies are turning to their industry’s bloggers as a means of engaging their target audience and with good reason. But just for fun, let’s talk about five of them. Here are the top handful of reasons you should consider enlisting a local review blogger to beef up your online marketing efforts.


1. Responsive fan bases

Bloggers are only as valuable to a business as their following is. After all, if they had equal influence and reach to the average person, what would make them better to engage than say, anyone in your organization? Bloggers, who have often built their following through content marketing, represent accessible experts to their followers.


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2. Trustworthy sources

Ultimately, any blogger who has “made it” in the social media world has done so by establishing credibility. Whether their recommendations have rang true to many, or they honestly dissuade fans from a particular product or destination, they build rapport with readers or viewers through their integrity. Many of the most prominent bloggers in Toronto are selective in the brands that they work with and the products/services they will review. After all, they don’t want to have to issue a negative review any more than you want to receive one.


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3. Their followers are your target audience

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to engage a blogger for an upcoming campaign or review is because they have immediate, direct access to the people you’re trying to reach. If you’re a business just starting out on a social platform, or you need to reach many people quickly at a level that outweighs your brand’s presence on a platform, then blogger relations is something you should consider. Heightened reach, engagement and persuasion are the main reasons bloggers are preferred to run events such as Twitter parties.


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4. They understand the space better than you do

You may know some bloggers as the face of a campaign or brand, but did you know that many of them double as strategy specialists and consultants for brands behind the scenes? After all, who would know better about building responsive fan bases than the people who’ve done so for themselves? Hiring a blogger doesn’t just give you access to their fantastic reach and network, it gives you access to the knowledge they needed to get there as well.

Note: many bloggers charge extra for hands-on consulting in addition to their involvement in campaigns. Be sure to brief prospective bloggers at the beginning of the project – you’ll save by bundling their services at the outset.


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5. They open up doors to other networks

The great thing about bloggers is that they open doors and conversations that you may not be able to as a brand. Many bloggers come together in person at conferences such as BlogHer and often talk about the projects they have on the go, how it was working with a specific brand, or potentially recruiting for larger projects. If you’re having a tough time breaking into the blogger scene, consider reaching out to a blogger and asking about the people they work with in the industry.

We’ve heard everything from “bloggers are a passing fad” to “bloggers are the new journalists”. The fact of the matter is, no one understands reach and engagement across social media channels better than those who have put the work in on their own platforms. We’ve done the work so that your brand can reap the benefits.

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