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Is it In You? Gatorade’s New ‘Sweat it to Get it’ Campaign Likely Staged

  Have you seen Gatorade’s newest campaign featuring NFL quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Cam Newton? It’s hilarious, engaging and timely. But is it real? Hidden camera. High-production guerilla marketing. Celebrity advertising. Whatever you want to call the approach. Lots of companies have opted for candid-camera campaigns in the past year. What’s the common denominator? They […]

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Why This Should Be Your First Superbowl Watching Experience

  So you’re not into football. That’s cool, that’s cool. Perhaps you never had the opportunity to learn the complicated game, or its schedule always conflicted with the latest episode of Housewives of Three Blocks East of Your Current Location. There are many reasons why this year would be a great time to do something […]