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Selective Sharers: What You’ll Never See on Social Media

  We dwell on our failures; we rarely relish our successes.   This is human nature and a massive issue I encountered in terms of motivating myself during university. Why then, do our “online” selves have such an opposite mentality, sharing updates that only portray our lives in a positive light?   I recently had […]

Social Media Selective Sharing

Morgan Stanley: A Social Start or Too Little Too Late?

  In a word, progress.   Morgan Stanley recently announced that their advisors have been permitted to tweet, an activity previously restricted by the company. In the past, advisers had to choose from an approved ‘tweet library’ if they wanted to share any sort of update through their Twitter accounts. As you can imagine, the […]

What Your Social Media Manager Doesn’t Want You To Know 2

You pay us to create or better the online branding of your company through content, customer service and a multitude of other strategies. That’s the short of it. The exact tactics we use are as unknown to you as the concept of personal hygiene to the cast of Duck Dynasty. But there’s a secret amongst […]

TorontoVaporizer Embraces The Promo Code Hunt

Disclaimer: This post was NOT solicited, requested and I received no compensation from TorontoVaporizer.ca, RedFlagDeals or RetailMeNot or any of their partners. What baffles me about the online shopping environment is how street-smart some consumers can be in stores, but only in stores. I’ve seen it numerous times: people who will haggle until they’re blue […]

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