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A letter from myself in 2008, transcribed below due to this chicken scratch


Tomorrow is June 21, 2008 and I turn 20 years old. I can’t believe it. Feels like just yesterday we were in the classrooms of Mowat, checking the clock like five or six times per class and it just seemed to never end. Now it’s flying by. Mr. Light suggested we write letters to our future selves that we would open on graduation, and since I liked that one so much I decided to write one to my future self every 10 years. Damn I hope I don’t lose it.

I made a bad decision [about university]. It feels like a big high school. I just want to go to class and come home and play Halo. Getting pretty good too and they just started this pro tour called Major League Gaming – maybe a career in gaming isn’t too farfetched after all! But in all seriousness, I know business is a safe bet. I hope I can get into Marketing but even if I can’t, there’s good money to be made as a research analyst or something of that nature. Stick to the plan because money is freedom.

I really hope you’ve been to Japan! And that you got a big house. And that you’re [happily married] with someone good. Communication is key.

Omey and Barker say as long as we have each other we’ll be fine and I believe them. We just have to stick together. Man I hope I don’t read this in ten years and barely remember these guys. Or worse…

OK my hand’s getting tired and lecture is almost over. If there’s one thing I wish for my future self, it’s that you make the people around you, whoever they are, proud of you. Do me proud future self!






When I originally wrote this article, I titled it ‘30 things I learned by 30′. Eh, it’s been done. Frankly, we learned most of these lessons before our 30th birthdays anyway. And although there are some great nuggets in those articles, I’ve always felt like I was gaming the content to fit the format, and not vice versa.


Instead, I will share with you thirty messages of thanks – to the fantastic people around me, for the lessons they’ve taught me, the time they’ve invested in me, and virtually everything they’ve done that has propelled me forward, sometimes kicking and screaming.They are pictured below (don’t forget to click the right arrow on the picture to go through the list in each post).


But first, here are three guiding principles that have carried me through this past year:


2) Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner (Lao Tzu)

3) When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine


There are far more than 30 people who deserve to be recognized for the incredible lessons they’ve taught me. I can’t recognize them all. So how did I choose the 30 people below to highlight? I used the 30 most recent messages in my cell phone.


I reflect on how grateful I am for the life you’ve helped me build.

And for every bit of praise I’ve received, the single thing I’m complimented most on has always been: the quality of my friends and family. This is my thanks, at thirty.


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