U of T Magazine: Young & Hungry (‘Yungry’) with Adam Rodricks


Did an interview for U of T Magazine (UT) and loved their out-of-the-box questions. Had them send me (AR) a copy so I could share it and put some other young professionals in the spotlight.

Hope you learn something about me you didn’t know. You can read the interview in the Summer 2014 edition of U of T’s official magazine.

Tell me a story.


UT: If you only had one breath to tell me about yourself, what would you say?

AR: I’m a 25 year old tech fiend who has always made a living doing what I love.


UT: How did you get your start in ‘the real world’? When did you make the decision to take the path you’re on?

AR: I got my start by selling my personal blog to a very large website in 2010. I knew very early on that I’d be doing something in communications, but I never truly believed I could have a career that aligned to my skill set and personal hobbies as closely as they have to date.


The Personal Stuff.


UT: Which figure in your personal life is your greatest inspiration? In the media?

AR: In my personal life, my mother, hands down and for too many reasons to list. In the media, it would have to be NFL player Adrian Peterson right now. He and I had the same surgery (ACL reconstruction) and seeing how he’s recovered is a constant motivation to me, especially during tough times.


UT: What is your creative process?

AR: Those close to me know that I’m a perpetual self-talker. I also mind-map and free flow write in volume. If you were to ever read my notes, you’d see me talking to myself as much as I do my readers. But I’d never let you read my notes. Through these two somewhat unorthodox methods, I usually arrive on some sort of scope for my work.


UT: Down time. How do you usually spend it?

AR: Aside from spending time with my loved ones and friends, I play tennis and have a borderline unhealthy obsession with fantasy football.


UT: For readers getting to know you, what fictional character is the closest portrayal of real-life you?

AR: Seth Cohen from The O.C. Later in life, I hope to resemble Phil Dunphy of Modern Family.


UT: What’s your favourite social platform and why do (you think) people follow you?

AR: Twitter. People follow me for video game and tech insights because I get hands-on access before street dates due to my day job.



Professionally Speaking, of course.


UT: What is the easiest mistake to make early on in your career?

AR: Getting comfortable. Once you land that first job, you want to believe giving 110% will get you to the next level. Sadly, this isn’t always the case.


UT: What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally to date?

AR: Professionals in social media tend to be younger than our counterparts at similar levels. While this is an industry norm, it often creates heightened skepticism from colleagues and management in other business units until you can demonstrate results.


UT: What sets you apart from other people your age, professionally speaking?

AR: Self-promotion. Many people find it to be boastful but I truly believe that if you don’t promote yourself, you’ll never get kudos for all the fantastic work you’re doing.


The Stuff Readers Want to Know That You May Not Want to Tell Them.


UT: Do you ever dream or wonder about alternate career paths? If so, what?

AR: Yes. Motivational speaking and writing a book. I do believe both are in my path somewhere down the line, but to date, I’ve just never been able to make significant strides.


UT: If you had one piece of advice for yourself from 5 years ago, what would it be?

AR: Worry less.


UT: What is the least responsible thing you do or have done with your money?

AR: No one purchase comes to mind, but I am an early adopter of technology which tends to bite me in the ass, especially with new video game consoles.


UT: Who do you follow?

AR: Three people I love to follow are Scott Stratten, Seth Godin and Jason Dorsey.


UT: Why did you start your latest project, a personal website?

AR: I’ve contributed to nearly 20 different websites over the past three years and co-owned two of them. They were all extremely focused in content and I always felt like I needed an outlet for the ‘everything else swirling around in my head’. [adamrodricks.com] is my solution. This is the place where I can write what I want, when I want and engage with some pretty awesome companies and individuals.

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